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About Areeb Group

Areeb Group is a well-established, diversified holding company based in London.  The group currently has operations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We bring together new entrepreneurial talent and international management expertise to create independently operating specialist subsidiaries. 


Our management philosophy empowers each specialist operation to maximize its own potential. By fostering innovation, we rapidly bring new products and services to market. Our core management team focus on providing added value to each subsidiary, guiding them to achieve long-term sustainability.


At Areeb Group, our values are draw from our rich heritage, the latest expertise and the most modern technology. They are guided by proven practices for creating innovative and world-class investment products. We create exceptional investment opportunities for our partners and High-Net-Worth investors, co-investing with them in each subsidiary. 

Working harmoniously together so that all our stakeholders prosper. 

Areeb Group’s story is more about our clients’ successes than our own.

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